Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paperella's Palace

When entering into your creative haven, it's all about location, location, location. My witty man "lovingly" deemed my creative haven "Paperella's Palace" this evening, and the name sort of stuck. I like it. It perfectly describes me and everything that I have put into this room. Now imagine if you will, this room was originally decorated by a gentleman obsessed with the Patriots. I'm from New England, so inevitably I'm a big fan (especially when we are heading to the Super Bowl this weekend! GO PATS!!!) I have taken this masculine, (dare I say drabby) man cave, and turned it into Paperella's Palace.
Now don't get me wrong, I have spent hours pouring over the picturesque settings of any card maker's dream online in images that could be seen in any Good Housekeeping magazine, but this room is all my own. I control every inch of it. What's most important about it is that it inspires me. I feel comfortable here.
So as you enter in to your own search for that perfect setting, that place where you are not bothering any others with whom you share your residence with residual glitter and paper cut outs, where you can feel truly comfortable, I recommend the following five components:
1. A comfortable place to work
          I took a risk here. I purchased a settee, and it often leads to sleeping, but when I am inspired, it works perfectly.
2. A flat surface to work on
          This needs to be a solid, spacious work space that can be easily cleaned. Key point there.
3. Organization tools (Drawers, shelves, etc.)
          ESSENTIAL. Everything has a space and everything in it's place. This is to keep your sanity. If you know where everything is, you're also more likely to use it.
4. Inspiration
          This area, room, whatever space you have available, is all yours. Make it to your taste because YOU love it. You are the one who will be using it!
5. Companionship
          I find this one to the be most important. Have someone who can be your champion. This may be a significant other, maybe your dog. Mine is my man, my two kitties, and the one who will be in the room with me no matter what: Merlin.

Enjoy setting up your room with whatever tools you have. Make it your own, and love working in there!

Come and take a look back tomorrow when I will be reviewing my newest tool addition: Sizzix Big Shot! I will also be showing you the exciting project I have planned for the flower I made below!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. You work on that tiny table? I use about 3/4th of our dining table (which is a small one, 80cm x 150 and a small IKEA desk which is full of supplies. Even the dining table is too small for me, I like to lay out lots of things as I don´t always remember what I have. I love that couch you put there! (A settee?)I am not much of a fan of pink, but the combination with the orange-kind colour (I am bad at colour names) looks very nice! Also the rose image is beautifull :) Congratulations on your own crafting room!