Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How Long Would it Take You to Spend Ten Grand?

As I sat this evening reflecting on the next project I wanted to complete, I began exploring the endless possibilities of craft supplies at my fingertips. Thank you internet shopping; the impending doom of my bank account. My wonderful, very rational, man turned to his whimsical, mercurial lady, myself, and asked with clearly the best of intentions, "How long would it take you to spend ten grand on craft stuff?" I couldn't help but laugh, as I responded, "One hour." How easy it would be to sit here on my bed, wrapped in blankets, and rush to make purchases with a ten thousand dollar budget. Cricut cartridges, stamps, card stock, ribbon, embellishments, glitter, the possibilities really do seem endless.

So as I was contemplating my "wish list," (new homeowners do not have ten thousand dollar budgets for crafting, unfortunately) I figured I would share my new favorite crafting supply websites.

This is a GREAT website to get all of your favorite card, scrapbooking, and crafting supplies. They have far and away the best card stock available. There is no card stock like Stampin' Up card stock. The other feature I really like is that you get a personalized representative. Make crafting your business!!!

I think it speaks for itself. If you are in love with paper creations, you have to love Cricut. Don't forget to turn in your rewards to redeem points for other Cricut products!

This is a website I have just recently come upon. It is a very comprehensive website that has so much to offer. It seems to be a really great website for finding a great grouping of supplies. It has a great search tool making all of your papers and paper tools only a click away!

This is far and away my favorite store to shop at as far as free standing stores. It is like having Michaels, Homegoods, and Joann's Fabrics all in one beautiful paradise. The stores are widespread and are worth any amount of driving for a visit. Not near one? Check out their website!

So this is just a small sampling, but after just twenty minutes, I was up to $8,000. Ten minutes from now, I am pretty sure I can get up to $12,000.

Happy Shopping!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Impossible Things are Happening Everyday

Obsessed. That is the best way to describe my passion for paper, crafts, and all things imaginative. I can think of nothing better than spending my time with a hot cup of tea (of course the occasional glass of a luxurious red wine) and amidst the company of my newfound friends; Cricut, Gypsy, and my cute but not so cuddly Cuttlebug. And who could forget the ever important company of my always supportive companion, my dog?

While scrapbooking has always been a passion, a pastime that has been stored in the closet because of a crazy, exhausting schedule, I have found that the joy of the creative process is a much needed release from the demands of daily life. Paperella Creations is the chronicle of that release.

I am so lucky to have my family supporting me the whole way through this incredible venture into creativity and imagination. My wonderful man told me, "You are only limited by your imagination." I should post those words on my wall, as there is no better illustration of the beauty of paper creations. This is the idea that defines Paperella Creations. He will also never forget to tell me, "You are only limited by our finances." So my goal? Beauty and creativity... on a budget.

Now, while Cinderella was able to make her dreams come true with the help of a fairy godmother, I am making  my dream paper creations on my own... Always, of course, with the help of my new, aforementioned friends. And as each project is presented here, I hope that it can serve as inspiration for your new creation!!! Feel free to share your ideas in the comments!

Happy Creating!